Reinaldo smiling

"I want to experience new adventures and encourage people with paralyzing injuries that life and adventure continue." - Reinaldo

Reinaldo Maiz, is an extra-abled adventurer who sustained T7 incomplete spinal cord injury paraplegic 8 years ago due to a motorcycle accident.  Prior to his accident he was a fire fighter and in 2013 he went back to school and graduated as a medical billing and coding specialist. Renaldo works for Envision Healthcare and advocates in his community helping his peers obtain wheelchairs and other medical supplies.  He is also an adaptive scuba diver and environmentalist who is passionate about cleaning up the oceans from garbage and changing the eco system under water to sustain healthy marine life. Through his life experiences Reinaldo has learned to enjoy life day by day, forgive and tell the people in your life how much you love them. You just never know if you'll see them again.  Reinaldo's future dream goals are to travel the world, meet new people and experience their culture.

Rey says

I want to let the world know that even people with extra-abilities (disabilities) can contribute to their world and make a difference in their own unique way.


My Making Dreams Come True adventure is ...  surfing with an adaptive sports program in July.


Renaldo's Dream Map 


This Dream Map is a visual representation of Reinaldo's story. As a donor you are not only providing the opportunity for an adaptive adventure, but you are also opening the doors to his future dreams.