Jessika smiling

"I hope surfing with Making Dreams Come True will help me add a new adventure to my list of possibilities. And it’s also been something I’ve always wanted to try!" - Jessika

Jessika Kattah is a 30 years young, extra abled, vivacious woman. She has been a  Level T2 Incomplete Paraplegic since 2012 due to a tumor on her spine. The injury was caused by a surgery attempting to remove the tumor. When Jessika woke up from surgery, she realized that her life had completely changed.

Jessika started a blog about a year after her injury through which she educates curious minds and discusses issues related to accessibility and services available to those who are protected by the ADA.  Jessika wants to show people living with a Spinal Cord Injury that life goes on beyond paralysis. She is a certified SCUBA diver, loves to fish and do anything that keeps her outdoors and near the ocean. She once thought that she would never do the things she did prior to her injury. It took time for her to realize that she can still do those things, just in a different way.  Jessika wants to guide others in learning what they can do while being in a chair. We are limitless! Jessika is a peer mentor to newly injured patients and expresses to them that life does go on even if it means they are now in a wheelchair.

Jessika says

Paralysis may have knocked me down for a while but it didn’t knock me out. I am alive, I am breathing, and I intend on living life to the fullest.


My Making Dreams Come True adventure is ...  surfing with an adaptive sports program in July.

Jessika's Dream Map


This Dream Map is a visual representation of Jessika's story. As a donor you are not only providing the opportunity for an adaptive adventure, but you are also opening the doors to her future dreams.