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"Being able to ditch my chair and race down a mountain on my own steam, facing the cold on my terms will release me from my cage." - Brooke

Brooke Brown was born with cerebral palsy and hails from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University as a recipient of the Walter Cronkite Outstanding Undergraduate Award.

Like many children with physical differences, Brooke experienced severe bullying in middle school.  She was transfered to a private Christian School during her teen years where she healed and became her own person. 

She loves to tell all types of stories that encourage others. She’s the author of The Little Butterfly Girl, a writer for Autumn and LivAbility magazines, an actor in Theatre360, and a public speaker, while doing part-time marketing work for Focus Employment Services.

In the fall of 2014, she founded Brooke’s Butterfly Touch: Creative Storytelling Services, which strives to help others discover the power in sharing their own stories in order to cultivate hope, opportunities and understanding.

Brooke hopes to complete her memoir, Rolling in Grace, by the end of the year and start using it as a platform to speak in churches, to groups and at other events about finding purpose in our life challenges. She also wants to take her workshop to bigger audiences in different settings. Her desire is to change the world by giving people the courage and necessary tools to discover the “power” in their own stories to create opportunities and encourage others.

"I suppose I’d like the world to know my distorted speech and awkward movements are just a product of muscle dysfunction and do not at all reflect my cognitive intelligence." In other words, “don’t judge a mind by its body.”

Winter is always a rough time of year for me. The cold weather makes my muscular spasticity worse, further limiting my mobility and increasing my pain. This often makes me feel caged in my own body. Therefore, there are very few outdoor activities I can enjoy, but I’m certain skiing is one of them.

Being able to ditch my chair and race down a mountain on my own steam, facing the cold on my terms will release me from my cage. The adrenaline rush will warm and loosen my tight muscles, not to mention make this winter a lot more fun!

If I’m able to overcome one of my most frustrating physical limitations, even just for a few hours, it will further bolster my courage in conquering ANY challenge life throws at me, mobility issues or not, just as Jennifer always inspires me to do. It will be one more story I can share to encourage others.

Skiing is by no means the only dream I have for my life, though. Someday I hope to have the ability to share my story internationally, especially in places like Ireland. I also hope to become a well-respected inspirational author. I don’t seek fame or fortune; I only wish to use my gifts to be a beacon of hope in today’s society.

I will be adaptive downhill skiing in Sun Valley Idaho with an adaptive sports program, Higher Ground from January 29th-February 3rd. 


Brooke's Dream Map

This Dream Map is a visual representation of Brooke's story. As a donor you are not only providing the opportunity for an adaptive adventure, but you are also opening the doors to her future dreams.


Brooke's adventure was made possible by Higher Ground.

Brooke's thoughts about her Dream Adventure:

At the start of my first run down Dollar Mountain, I discovered it would take my entire core to steer the bi-ski and nothing else... no hands. I internally panicked for a second, having recently been hospitalized, I was thinking: Am I still too weak for this? We would find out soon enough. Fortunately, I was given two of the coolest instructors ever! Anders and Neil never missed a beat in terms of grasping my intelligence and knew exactly what cues my body needed. Plus, they were both just really kind in general. By the time I finished my second run, all fear was gone, the fire was lit... And I WAS BACK. I just wanted to fly! So I did. I skied the entire 3-hour lesson without a break. "Brooke, you're hard core!" was all the guys could say. You bet I am! Anders and Neil were both very impressed with my balance. That was a first. By the end of my second day, I'd conquered the Half Dollar run and my instructors decided I was ready to take on Bald Mountain at River Run– where the experienced skiers go. I was a little sore, but I was totally game and the cold wasn't bothering me. My final runs down Bald Mountain were completely exhilarating! With each one, my focus got sharper and I felt powerful, like Elsa from "Frozen." Everyone at Higher Ground is so encouraging! And to top the week off, I was invited to share the spotlight with Jennifer as a guest speaker at the Supper Club fundraising dinner for Higher Ground. Jennifer understands my passion for sharing my story and wants to help bless more people with it. The vision of Making Dreams Come True, Inc. isn't just about adaptive sports, but also supporting people's life dreams. Thank you, my fiercely beautiful friend, it was an extremely blessed week skiing with you. I found my way back to life on those mountains.