Gatorland Adaptive Zip Lining

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Gatorland Adaptive Zip Lining


By: Jennifer Adams

Making Dreams Come True provided a unique opportunity for several members of the Adaptive Sports and Recreation Program of Memorial Rehab Hospital South to experience adaptive zip lining at the Gatorland Orlando Theme Park.  This trip was made possible through the sponsorship of Gatorland and Memorial Rehab Hospital South. 

The extraabled members of Memorial Rehab's program experienced the freedom of zip lining over a beautiful lake.  "What a thrill!" Said Lauren Horowitz, one of the participants of this adventure who has cerebral palsy. 

"Some people look at me and see disability, but actually, I want people to look at me and see ability, ability to Go Beyond and try new things. Like anyone else, I have goals that go beyond my day-in and day-out challenges."  Said Lauren about her zip lining experience.

The most touching moment of this experience was when Ignacio Arce approached me after his zip lining experience and said, "I lost my leg one year ago and I have been very depressed. Today was the first day I have smiled since my accident.  I feel like I got my life back today and I will keep believing that I can do even more than I thought I could."

See what everyone experienced, watch this video...