Adaptive Surfing with Jessika and Rey

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Adaptive Surfing with Jessika and Rey

By:Jennifer Adams

Making Dreams Come True, in partnership with Surf Quest, recently provided the opportunity for Miami natives Jessika Kattah and Reinaldo Maiz to go Adaptive Surfing in Saint Augustine Beach, Fl. Jessika and Rey are an adventure couple! They are both extra-abled and they share life together in all it's shades by taking adaptive adventures!  Surf Quest and their amazing volunteers provided an unforgettable day at the beach for Jess and Rey.

"As an ocean lover, just returning to the beach was a dream come true." says Jessika. "Now add the fact that I got to experience something new in the water, I was able to check something off my bucket list I always wanted to do & never thought it would even be possible with a Spinal Cord Injury. While I was adaptive surfing I felt peace, serenity, adrenaline, happiness, euphoria and laughter all at once. This experience inspired me to look for more adaptive experiences for me to do. Of course, I look forward to returning to riding the waves as well. But this experience alone has opened my mind to more adaptive activities in the water like water skiing, sailing and snorkeling."'

"Surf Quest helped me fulfill a dream by providing support that helped me to get back to the beach." Says Rey. "It had been 8 years since my accident and this trip was my first time back to a place that I feel at home, the beach.  This was also my first time on a surf board.  While adaptive surfing I experience freedom and thrill of adrenaline knowing I was riding on a wave for the first time. This experience changed my life by allowing me to experience the true nature of the ocean and its power, I accomplishing a dream." 
This Adaptive Outdoor Adventure was made possible through the sponsors of Making Dreams Come True Gatorland and Memorial Rehab Hospital South Thank you for providing the resources for the dreams of Jessika and Rey!
Check out this video of their surfing experience...