Gatorland Sponsorship 1 year

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Gatorland Sponsorship 1 year

It has been one year since Gatorland became a sponsor of Making Dreams Come True!  This sponsorship has also become a partnership in mission.  

Mark Mchugh, the CEO of Gatorland has a very inclusive vision for Gatorland. Mark has a close friend Dave Jones, the Founder of Florida Disabled Outdoor Association, who was injured in a hunting accident, which left him partially paralyzed. Dave has been Mark's inspiration to make Gatorland an accessible and inclusive experience for all people.  I myself have visited Gatorland regularly and have found that not only is the park very accessible, but there is also an accessible zip line that provides adaptations so people with mobility impairments can ride the 1,200 foot long zip line over Gator infested waters! What a thrill. Come check it out! 

Gatorland's support and donations towards Making Dreams Come True has provided strong foundation in the non-profit's early development.  In this past year we were able to send our first 2 participants on Adaptive Adventures. Both participants went adaptive downhill skiing in Sun Valley Idaho.

Gatorland's support also allowed the Founder of Making Dreams Come True, Jennifer Adams, to fly on location to several adaptive sports groups in order to forge new partnerships for the non-profit.  We signed on 3 new partnerships this year!

Thank you Gatorland for a year of awesomeness with many more to come!!!!