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Adaptive Skiing Adventure with Higher Ground

Jennifer Adams, Founder of Making Dreams Come True, just returned from the 2nd planned Adaptive Sports Adventure for MDCT. She attended the adventure as the trip leader. MDCT's sponsors Gatorland Orlando and Memorial Rehab Hospital provided the resources that made this amazing Adaptive Adventure possible. This Adaptive Sports Adventure was planned and executed with the help and programs offered by Higher Ground Sun Valley.  Higher Ground Sun Valley (HGSV) is located in  Ketchum, Idaho . HGSV provides adaptive recreation programs year round for individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities in Boise Idaho. They generously welcomed Making Dreams Come True's participant Brooke Brown and her Personal Assistant Jonathan Dobson. Something to note is, Brooke had just been in the hospital with a very serious health complication one month prior to this trip.

Brooke was born with Cerebral Palsy and is the epitome of extra-abled.  She is a motivational speaker and shares a powerful workshop for extra-abled and mainstream audiences called "Transforming the Heart of your story."  Brooke is also the author of a children's book called "The little Butterfly Girl." You can learn more about her story and business services via her website 

Here are some words from Brooke describing her experience of the trip. "At the start of my first run down Dollar Mountain, I discovered it would take my entire core to steer the bi-ski and nothing else... no hands. I internally panicked for a second, having recently been hospitalized, I was thinking: Am I still too weak for this? We would find out soon enough. Fortunately, I was given two of the coolest instructors ever! Anders and Neil never missed a beat in terms of grasping my intelligence and knew exactly what cues my body needed. Plus, they were both just really kind in general. By the time I finished my second run, all fear was gone, the fire was lit... And I WAS BACK. I just wanted to fly! So I did. I skied the entire 3-hour lesson without a break. "Brooke, you're hard core!" was all the guys could say. You bet I am! Anders and Neil were both very impressed with my balance. That was a first. By the end of my second day, I'd conquered the Half Dollar run and my instructors decided I was ready to take on Bald Mountain at River Run– where the experienced skiers go. I was a little sore, but I was totally game and the cold wasn't bothering me. My final runs down Bald Mountain were completely exhilarating! With each one, my focus got sharper and I felt powerful, like Elsa from "Frozen." Everyone at Higher Ground is so encouraging! And to top the week off, I was invited to share the spotlight with Jennifer as a guest speaker at the Supper Club fundraising dinner for Higher Ground. Jennifer understands my passion for sharing my story and wants to help bless more people with it. The vision of Making Dreams Come True, Inc. isn't just about adaptive sports, but also supporting people's life dreams. Thank you, my fiercely beautiful friend, it was an extremely blessed week skiing with you. I found my way back to life on those mountains."

When Brooke came down off the mountain her eyes were bright electric blue and her face was luminous. A sign that her experience was exhilarating and life giving!

The staff and volunteers of Higher Ground are so professional, fun and supportive!  HG really provides a very positive and safe atmosphere for anyone participating in the adaptive activities they provide.We are so grateful for Cara Barrett, the Program Director of HG for collaborating with MDCT to plan every detail of this super fun adventure.  Cara also provided transportation for Jennifer.  Thank you Cara!!! And thank you to all the staff and volunteers that made this trip amazing!

This being the second planned Adaptive Sports Adventure planned by Making Dreams Come True, we have learned a few things that we want to implement in our future trips. Every Adaptive Adventure planned by MDCT will have trip leaders in attendance that provide organization, direction and emotional support for the MDCT participants on their adventure.  MDCT's participants will also be provided the resources to bring a personal assistant with them on there Adaptive Adventure. We want every participant to feel safe and supported in their adventures with Making Dreams Come True.