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First planned trip for Making Dreams Come True

By: Jennifer Adams

Making Dream Come True's first ever Adaptive Sports Adventure was planned and executed with the help and programs offered by Higher Ground Sun Valley.  Higher Ground Sun Valley (HGSV) is located in Sun Valley Idaho. HGSV provides adaptive recreation programs year round for individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities in Boise Idaho.  They were so generous to welcome  Abigail Dameg from Hawaii.  Abigail  is a vivacious, extra-abled gal. She had never seen snow or experienced cold temps before her Adaptive Sports Adventure with Higher Ground.

This is what Abigail had to say about her trip. "The highlight of this adventure was actually feeling snowflakes on my face and sliding on an icy mountain with a well-developed adaptive program called Higher Ground. I pushed myself to try the standing ski slider even though boots were painful. I am grateful for being sponsored to be the first to model and share my aloha spirit “mana”  and my experience for MDCT. This 4- day trip rapidly changed my life and my future perceptions, imagining I could live in a similar geographical area, likely in a city. I often had doubts if I were to transition from the Hawaiian Islands to reach for a higher promising career (for a living), but now I believe I can be a model for other similar non-profit organizations like MDCT and Higher Ground.  A flight to Sun Valley was the farthest I’ve traveled solo, therefore I feel all my dreams came to a reality, looking at the slopes I was exhilarated. Lastly, as a person living with incapacitate motor coordination I feel physically stronger, mightily braver, as if I could return on the waves, easily stand-up and rip wave. I hope to see more participants join Higher Ground and increase disability awareness regarding people with physical barriers, to shine with more abilities and talents."

As it is with any new program the Making Dreams Come True team learned so much through this trip planning experience.  We are learning what works and what could improve and we are so excited to continue planning more adaptive sports trips for future participants.

Thank you to the Higher Ground Sun Valley Staff and Volunteers for making this a great experience for Abigail!

If you would like to learn more about Higher Ground Sun Valley please visit their website