Memorial Hospital Thanksgiving Celebration

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Memorial Hospital Thanksgiving Celebration

Jennifer Adams the CEO of Making Dreams Come True Inc. was invited to be a guest speaker at Memorial Rehabilitation Hospital in Hollywood Florida for Memorial Rehabs Thanksgiving Celebration for Memorial Rehab's support groups. The topic of Jennifer's presentation for this special occasion was "Why We Are Thankful."

Jennifer shared vulnerable moments of her story when she faced traumatic change and severe health issues. Then she went on to share how she overcame these difficult times through faith, rest, health education and perseverance, resulting in successfully starting her business and becoming Ms. Wheelchair America 2014, which lead to moving to Miami and starting the non profit organization Making Dreams Come True Inc. Jennifer also shared an important message for anyone who is healing from a traumatic injury. She said. "When we are in a vulnerable state it is so easy to get stuck ij a mentality of stress and striving to recover and be good enough again. But success in the healing process does not come through trying hard or striving, it comes through rest, dreaming and gratitude.  Be good to your heart and yourself. That is how you will become strong and rise on wings like eagles." After Jennifer shared her message everyone in the room shared with the group what they were grateful for in their lives and healing process. As the everyone shared positive energy filled the room. It was truly magical.  Memorial Rehab is a sponsor to Making Dreams Come True Inc.  

Memorial Rehabilitation Institute provides holistic rehabilitation services for people who's lives have been suddenly and drastically changed from an injury. The mission of Memorial Rehabilitation Institute is to heal the mind body and spirit of those they touch. MRI's (Memorial Rehab Institute) Adaptive Sports and Recreation program provides out door adventure opportunities for MRI patient and the greater south Florida extra-abled community. They offer a range of adaptive activities such as bowling, cycling, mountain biking, rowing, water aerobics, fishing, rugby, wheelchair basketball, and wheelchair tennis.

If you know anyone in South Florida that would benefit from these services please refer them to Ray Shipman Manager, Adaptive Sports and Recreation Program Memorial Rehabilitation Institute email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Phone: 954-518-5573