About Us

Making Dreams Come True provides adventure opportunities and resources to people with extra-abilities by organizing sports adventures through our connections with various adaptive sports programs.

What is Extra-Ability?
A person who has adapted to overcome physical, mental or circumstantial limitations and therefore forged strength and greater abilities within themselves.

Our mission is to fulfill the dreams for people with these limited resources.

The experiences we offer open the door of adventure and social awareness for the participants to realize and be known for their extra-abilities. In turn they are inspired to do more and become more, which leads to their own visions becoming realized. This chain reaction results in more employed and purposeful individuals in our communities.

There are many adaptive sports programs already available for people with extra-abilities in the United States, but the challenge is that many people with extra-abilities are not able to participate in these programs due to a lack of resources.

Annual Report
2016 (PDF)


According to National Council on Disability, 65% of Americans with extra-abilities are living on a fixed income below the poverty line, and consequentially they are limited in their ability to travel and live adventurously.



Live Unlimited!

Jennifer has experienced the struggle of limited resources when navigating life with her extra-ability. Yet she has experienced the true elation she felt when people stepped in to provide resources for her dreams.

The generosity of others opened the door to new adventures that she had dreamed and now lives as a reality. Through her own adventures of surfing, water and snow skiing, dancing, snorkeling, sail boating, and dancing, it opened a whole new world to living unlimited for Jennifer.

These experiences inspired her to start Making Dreams Come True and provide adventure and life resources for others with extra-abilities around the world, so they too can connect with their ability to live unlimited.

True joy is released when people find life outside of their limitations!
Jennifer Lynn Adams